“There are cool cats and there are cool Memphis cats but no one, not
Elvis, not Jerry Lee, not even the Wolf came close to epitomizing Memphis
and cool like Jim Dickinson did. He was the Top Cat Daddy, an
inspiration, a mentor and my friend.

If you knew his music and understood his role as one of the links between
black and white culture and between blues and rock and roll, you know what
I'm talking about. If he is unfamiliar to you, now's as good time as any
to get to know him, even though he's checked out of the motel.”

--Joe Nick Patoski

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Jim with Joe Hardy at Ardent Studios - "Quantizing"

Jim with Joe Hardy at Ardent Studios. Jim and Joe were in the midst of inventing a process called "Quantizing," using a Fairlight. This involved being able to move the beats of a drum part around, eons (in recording time) before the likes of Pro Tools. They were both high as kites from the sheer outrageousness of what they were doing. (h/t Kelly Fisher/Ardent Studios)

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